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We are presently working on a draft of our electoral progamme for the 2014 European Parliament elections. Using as a basis our Manifesto, we are organizing working groups in multiple policy areas, including

  1. Democracy and accountability (institutional design)
  2. European integration
  3. Employment
  4. Foreign and defense policy
  5. Security
  6. Public Finances
  7. Fiscal harmonization
  8. European Central Bank
  9. European social model
  10. Solidarity (cohesion policy)
  11. Justice
  12. Industrial policy
  13. Energy policy
  14. Environment
  15. Research and Innovation
  16. Culture
  17. Education
  18. Language

If you feel that your expertise could help us and would like to collaborate, please let us know by contacting us at

We have also recently issued several statements on current European affairs and endorsed a few European Citizens Initiatives. For more details, please see our full Newsletter.



Media information: The two co-presidents of the European Federalist Party can be contacted at:
Pietro De Matteis: pietro.dematteis at

Yves Gernigon: yves.gernigon at


The European Federalist Party (EFP) is the pan-European party for a more democratic, united and solidary Europe: a Europe of the people and for the people. The EFP was founded in 2011 in Paris by citizens from all over Europe and has since developed into a cross-border movement with thousands of members and supporters and chapters in 9 EU states. The EFP was instrumental in the introduction of several key laws and reforms in the EU, including improvements to the Lisbon treaty, the European Citizens’ Initiative and the EU roaming regulation.

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