European Federalist Party

Brussels, 10 February 2013




The European Federalist Party strongly regrets the result of Friday’s European Council. This summit has showed, once again, that our heads of states and government have no vision for the future of Europe and do not understand the need to provide the EU with sufficient resources to give Europeans a future.

As noted by Pietro De Matteis, co-President of the European Federalist Party: “What we condemn is the transformation of the European Union into a “souq market”. A market made of vetoes, cuts, rebates and long term austerity. This is not the Europe we want. This is not the Europe that will make our people dream of Europe. This is not the Europe that we need to face our global and domestic challenges.”

Among others, over the next seven years (2014-2020) this budget has foreseen cuts in the areas of innovation, growth and jobs, it has reduced the budget for Europe-wide energy and transport infrastructures and has slashed the aid for most deprived people on which many charitable organisations all over Europe rely – especially at these times of economic crisis.

The European Federalist Party strongly supports the position of the other political groups in the European Parliament that decided to reject the result of this “horse trading”. This shameful experience further strengthens our call for the EU to be funded through its own resources and to move towards further integration with the countries that wish to do so. A larger budget for the Eurozone shall be developed should a solution at 27 result to be impossible due to the resistance of less committed member states.

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