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– EU prepares plans for a common European telecom market by 2015 –

In a speech on Thursday, EU Commissioner Neelie Kroes called for a thorough reform of telecom regulations and the creation of a pan-European telecom market. The new reform proposals are expected to be agreed in April 2014 and should make it easier for operators to create European cross-border networks.

The EU already reduced the prices for using mobile phones and tablets abroad over the last years, thanks to the pressure of “Europeans for Fair Roaming”, parliamentarians and other groups. Commissioner Kroes now wants to strike one last time before the upcoming European elections next year and completely re-organise the European telecom market. But the reforms must truly benefit the consumers, warns the consumers’ group “Europeans for Fair Roaming”.


The regulation package is expected to make cross-border mergers and network sharing easier and Europeanise telecom regulation. But the consumer group “Europeans for Fair Roaming” which also accomplished the latest cuts to roaming charges in the EU last year warned that the new rules must keep consumers in mind.

The coordinator of the campaign, Bengt Beier, said: “The newest plans of the EU might help to make the telecom market more European. However, the EU must ensure that this benefits consumers and not just the telecom providers. The prices for roaming and for all cross-borders phone calls must go down significantly. We call on the European Commission to make concrete proposals for achieving lower prices for all cross-border phone calls. The best way would be to introduce price caps for all international phone calls within the EU in a similar way like this is already done for roaming.”


“Europeans for Fair Roaming” ( was started by citizens from all over Europe as a Facebook campaign and has since expanded to a network representing tens of thousands of concerned Europeans. The network calls on the EU to end the unfair practice of mobile phone operators charging high roaming fees for using mobile phones in other EU states. Since 2010, Europeans for Fair Roaming works to improve the EU roaming regulation and build a borderless European market for telecommunications.

The current state of the campaign is:

§ A network of 20 organisations representing/reaching over 150000 people

§ Supported by 14 Members of the European Parliament

§ Regular participation in conferences & discussions

§ Petitions with several thousand signatures

§ Constant communication with key players

§ Mentioned in TV news, NY Times, Newsweek,, EurActiv and other media.


If you have any further questions, you may contact us at +49-1577-2951797 or +43-650-5154370.


Media information: Bengt Beier, campaign coordinator of Europeans for Fair Roaming is available for further comments. Please contact Bengt Beier at or +43-650-5154370.

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